The Plague Strikes and is Vanquished 

Long story short–I had an upper respiratory infection that resulted in a week-long bout of laryngitis. That was “3 buses, a long walk, and 8 quid in a taxi from good.” 

Can anyone name that quote? Don’t let me down! Need some help?

It’s from Doctor Who! But I digress. 
My immune system isn’t in great shape as it is, but I am working in a hospital now, so I’m exposed to even more beasties than normal. I love my new job; I’ll post more about it later. 

I’m not really sure exactly what I wanted to post about today. Maybe this will be a gentle reminder that I’m still alive and trying to juggle lots of things. ✌🏻💜🦊 Did you know I love foxes? Well, you do now. 

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