An Unusual Recital

My first WiP is tentatively called An Unusual Recital.


A young Oliver Gaffe stumbles upon a forgotten piano and the world it leads him to. A world with magic and, surprisingly, no government. Oliver is shocked to learn this and fights to convince the locals that they need some sort of leader. Along his way, he meets a girl who can only speak in proverbs, and a wise, sweet old gentleman who may not be whom he purports to be.

During his struggles in the other world, Oliver must also balance his daily life and the effects his other-worldly travels are having upon him.


Unsure of how long the quiet would last, Oliver decided to try out the piano. He lifted the lid and propped it open. He then walked over to the keys and sat on the bench. He lifted the key lid and gingerly touched the keys. He imagined being a famous piano player playing for a real audience. At first he wasn’t really touching the keys. A few moments or so later, he accidentally pressed a key down. It resonated in the room and through his whole body. The air shook around him, but he dismissed that quickly. It had to be the storm. Oliver then deliberately pressed ten keys. He didn’t take the time to care about which keys he pressed. The chord sounded loud and angry. Oliver felt a vibration run from the tips of his fingers to the top of his head and then move down to his toes. He moved his hands to play different keys. Once he pressed them down, everything around him changed.

Boring, yet important, legal nonsense:

Just like any other author, I work very hard on my WsiP. I am working hard to achieve my dream of sharing the stories in my head with readers everywhere. I ask that you not reproduce any of my works and words anywhere else. I also ask that if you quote me, please link back to my site.

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