Attack of the Plot Bunnies

Bit of background:  new plot ideas are called plot bunnies. That’s the communal term for them on the NaNo forums and I love it. It’s pretty accurate. They are cute and fun and wonderful, until you have too many of them and you’re drowning in fur. Or they get mad at you and bite you. Ouch.

Run from the Plot Bunnies!

Well, this is my day today. My mind can’t focus on one idea long enough to write more than a bit about each one. Oh, and I can’t focus on my novel for NaNo because I am drowning in rabbits. Someone send The Anti-Pesto team! Anyone? Wallace and Gromit? No? *crickets* Well, alrighty then.

These guys. Send these guys.

Many thanks to DreamWorks.

Many thanks to DreamWorks.

See? They even catch bunnies! I’m so clever. Haha! I’m also procrastinating. But that’s not the point. The point was that I spend ten minutes creating the silhouette picture and needed to add it to my bl0g. I’m also teaching my dear hubby how to sew. Someone send help.

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