The Plague Strikes and is Vanquished 

Long story short–I had an upper respiratory infection that resulted in a week-long bout of laryngitis. That was “3 buses, a long walk, and 8 quid in a taxi from good.” 

Can anyone name that quote? Don’t let me down! Need some help?

It’s from Doctor Who! But I digress. 
My immune system isn’t in great shape as it is, but I am working in a hospital now, so I’m exposed to even more beasties than normal. I love my new job; I’ll post more about it later. 

I’m not really sure exactly what I wanted to post about today. Maybe this will be a gentle reminder that I’m still alive and trying to juggle lots of things. ✌🏻💜🦊 Did you know I love foxes? Well, you do now. 

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Motivation is Hard

That pretty much sums it up. However, I have been making some headway. Itty bits of progress. But moving forward all the same. 

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Clean Slates are Ridiculous 

First of all, I absolutely love the Awkward Yeti. His comics are hilarious and I resonate with the heart vs brain comics in particular. Logic is not something that typically rules but it rears its head more often than I care to admit. 
The concept of following one’s New Year’s resolutions is mostly doomed to failure. Too often, we (myself definitely included) try to change everything about ourselves overnight. Especially following the overindulgence of the holidays. It’s too easy to see the mountain in front of you, panic, and then give up. 
I freely admit that I’ve set some goals for what I want to change this year. I want to write more. I want to lose weight (never ending battle there). Mostly I just want to get to a place where I am happy with myself. I want to feel better. I want to be productive. 
For now, I have a habit tracker on my phone that reminds me. Sometimes I listen. Sometimes I don’t. I want to be happy with baby steps. Because those are what I’m doing. 👣

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Happy New Year 🎉

I realize this might be a bit cliché, but I don’t care. 😎 I want to work more on my writing. I have one major writing project underway and two side projects that I’m fiddling with. 

I sent the first few chapters of my main project to two friends yesterday to hear their thoughts. I’m a little nervous. 

I found out that I can print on index cards, so it’s been easier to storyboard my plots. Basically, I am moving forward. And that’s all I can ask of myself. 

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I’m in trouble!

NaNo starts again tomorrow and I have zip prepared. I also am working a ton of overtime this month. Normally I feel pretty good about getting just anything done in November, but winning last year really ruined it. I really want to win again!

Luckily I have an arsenal of Disney memes and pop culture references to get me through. It’s gonna be a long 30 days. 

… except I’m not sure how much my friends can help at this point. 

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Nursing school. That’s why I’ve been quiet. I got into nursing school! It’s an accelerated program, which is awesome, but that means that I have less time to devote to writing for now. I will write a post later on why I chose nursing.

What that directly translates to is that I will update sporadically at best and that this blog will not be strictly writing anymore. That probably isn’t a bad thing, though. Variety is the spice of life or something, right?Happiness -Gandhi

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Character Intro–Emythiolid

Emythiolid Jongleur

Emythiolid Jongleur

Emythiolid is one of my favorite characters. She is from An Unusual Recital; she comes from the alternate world that Oliver visits. Emythiolid can only speak in proverbs, which annoys Oliver, but proves to be occasionally prophetic.

She is a lot of fun to write; I love each of her quirks. The picture is not a perfect representation, but is accurate enough to give you a good idea. It was created using Hero Machine 3.

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An Unusual Recital

My first WiP is tentatively called An Unusual Recital.


A young Oliver Gaffe stumbles upon a forgotten piano and the world it leads him to. A world with magic and, surprisingly, no government. Oliver is shocked to learn this and fights to convince the locals that they need some sort of leader. Along his way, he meets a girl who can only speak in proverbs, and a wise, sweet old gentleman who may not be whom he purports to be.

During his struggles in the other world, Oliver must also balance his daily life and the effects his other-worldly travels are having upon him.


Unsure of how long the quiet would last, Oliver decided to try out the piano. He lifted the lid and propped it open. He then walked over to the keys and sat on the bench. He lifted the key lid and gingerly touched the keys. He imagined being a famous piano player playing for a real audience. At first he wasn’t really touching the keys. A few moments or so later, he accidentally pressed a key down. It resonated in the room and through his whole body. The air shook around him, but he dismissed that quickly. It had to be the storm. Oliver then deliberately pressed ten keys. He didn’t take the time to care about which keys he pressed. The chord sounded loud and angry. Oliver felt a vibration run from the tips of his fingers to the top of his head and then move down to his toes. He moved his hands to play different keys. Once he pressed them down, everything around him changed.

Boring, yet important, legal nonsense:

Just like any other author, I work very hard on my WsiP. I am working hard to achieve my dream of sharing the stories in my head with readers everywhere. I ask that you not reproduce any of my works and words anywhere else. I also ask that if you quote me, please link back to my site.

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NaNoWriMo Wrap Up!

Guess what?NaNo-2015-Winner-Badge-Large-Square

I won! I will admit that most of the last 35,000 words are unintelligible gibberish. I can *sort of* follow the train of thought there, but I doubt anyone else will. I have a lot of editing and rewriting ahead of me.

I am currently playing with a nifty website a fellow NaNo’er recommended to me for my character sketches. It’s called Hero Machine 3 and is super-helpful for helping authors (or author-hopefuls like myself) for visualizing our characters. This can help with writing character descriptions and even creating them in the first place. It’s especially helpful for people who don’t have the technical skill to draw their characters, but want sketches to help inspire them (aka me). I’ll release some character sketches soon! I’ll also get some descriptions of my current WiPs (should that be WsiP?) added. You know what, I’m going to call them WsiP unless and until someone sends me an email or something defending WiPs.

As you can tell, I am a tangent-laden individual. Buckle up! It’s going to be a crazy ride from here to publication!

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Attack of the Plot Bunnies

Bit of background:  new plot ideas are called plot bunnies. That’s the communal term for them on the NaNo forums and I love it. It’s pretty accurate. They are cute and fun and wonderful, until you have too many of them and you’re drowning in fur. Or they get mad at you and bite you. Ouch.

Run from the Plot Bunnies!

Well, this is my day today. My mind can’t focus on one idea long enough to write more than a bit about each one. Oh, and I can’t focus on my novel for NaNo because I am drowning in rabbits. Someone send The Anti-Pesto team! Anyone? Wallace and Gromit? No? *crickets* Well, alrighty then.

These guys. Send these guys.

Many thanks to DreamWorks.

Many thanks to DreamWorks.

See? They even catch bunnies! I’m so clever. Haha! I’m also procrastinating. But that’s not the point. The point was that I spend ten minutes creating the silhouette picture and needed to add it to my bl0g. I’m also teaching my dear hubby how to sew. Someone send help.

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